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Jadwal Cuti Dokter

Apakah Dokter Anda Tersedia?

Beberapa dokter kami mungkin tidak ada untuk janjian. Mohon lihat jadwal cuti dibawah ini untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Lihat Jadwal

Daftarkan Janji Anda Dengan Dokter Kami

Kaunter kami akan buka untuk pendaftaran janji selama jadwal dibawah ini:

SENIN – KAMIS      8:00 pagi – 4:30 sore

JUMAT & MINGGU    8:00 pagi – 12:30 siang

Klinik Pada Malam Hari Tersedia Untuk Pasien

Klinik kanak-kanak pada malam hari mulai dari:

MINGGU – KAMIS     7:00 malam – 8:30 malam

Jam Resmi Untuk Menjenguk Pasien

Jam menjenguk adalah sebagai berikut:

SENIN – MINGGU    12:00 siang – 2:00 siang

SENIN – MINGGU    5:00 sore – 8:30 malam

Bagian Dari Jasa Kami

Jasa lain yang disajikan oleh Adventist

Adventist College of Nursing and Health Sciences (ACNHS) was established in the late 90s to train quality nurses who will never hesitate to go beyond their duties. To date, the college has produced over hundreds of nurses who serve the hospital and community diligently.

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We are a modern and well equipped medical centre operating as part of the unit under Penang Adventist Hospital in Penang, Malaysia, providing a comprehensive range of medical and hospital services. Our dedicated medical team is well trained and ever ready to serve – to ensure a pleasant experience, comfortable stay and speedy recovery for our patients.

The Adventist Physiotherapy Centre was formerly known as LivingWell Physio Centre. Our trained and certified physiotherapists will be at hand to advise you on a combination of exercises and therapies to get you moving.