Penang Adventist Hospital have been actively involved in charity work since its inception in 1924. Through the hospital’s development over the years, charity work has never stopped. As a not-for-profit healthcare facility in the northern region of Malaysia, Penang Adventist Hospital have been able to mend hearts and change lives because corporate citizens as well as individual donors have shown that they care and made a lifetime of difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Medical Charity Funds available for those in need of medical assistance are:

Dr. J. Earl Gardner Fund

Provides free or subsidised financial aid to needy patients suffering from chronic illness in areas of tumour, cleft palate repair, scoliosis, stroke and major surgeries. The fund disbursed RM 552,039 and assisted 21 patients in 2019.

Patient Heart Fund

Provides free or subsidised financial aid to needy patients suffering from heart ailments. The fund disbursed RM 566,459 and assisted 24 patients in 2019.

Cancer Fund

Provides free or subsidised financial aid to needy cancer patients to undergo cancer related treatment. The fund disbursed RM 349,447 and assisted 14 patients in 2019.

Welfare Fund

Income received by the Hospital during Sabbath (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday) are channeled towards this fund which provides free or subsidized financial aid to needy patients in dialysis, cataract surgeries, admission bills and minor surgeries. The fund disbursed RM 468,833 and assisted 102 patients in 2019.

General Fund

Provides financial aid to support the development & expansion of the Hospital, upgrading of the facilities, training of staff and sponsorship of nursing students. The fund disbursed RM 840,000 and sponsored 30 nursing students in 2019.

Medical Charity Funds application is open for

  • Malaysian
  • All religions
  • All ages
  • All kinds of diseases

Medical Charity Funds Application Process

  1. Get the application form from a medical welfare officer
  2. Submit a completed application form together with the required documents
  3. Verification & home visitation to ensure that information provided is true and accurate
  4. The Charity Fund Committee reserves the right to approve or reject the application

Application Forms

Dissemination of Funds

Funds are given without any bias, but applicants must meet certain requirements in order to qualify. Amounts distributed for funding vary, based on the situation and need of each recipient.

To ensure that the fund is not misused or abused, background checks are carried out on each applicant by a hospital staff. Background checks are performed to carefully investigate and fully understand the needs of each applicant.

Applicants who provide false information to qualify for the charity funds will have their rights forfeited and lose all funding privileges and support.

Contact Info

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