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We are accustomed to using navigation in our daily lives, relying on navigation apps or "GPS" to find the best and fastest routes. Just as we use "GPS" to locate directions, the field of surgery has witnessed a transformative advancement – navigated assisted technology. On 19 October 2023, Dr. Prashant Narhari, Consultant Orthopaedic, Traumatologist & Orthopaedic Oncologist, and his team at Penang Adventist Hospital made history by performing the first-ever navigation-assisted tumour surgery in Penang.

The patient suffered from a bone tumour at the junction of the lower spine, involving the sacrum bone and the pelvis bone. After successful chemotherapy at Adventist Oncology, the patient was scheduled for this groundbreaking surgery.

Preparation for the surgery began approximately a month before the procedure, involving meticulous planning and studying of the MRI, CT, and PET scans. The images were uploaded into the navigation system, and Dr. Prashant, with the help of an expert navigation technician, carefully mapped out the tumour resection days ahead of the surgery.


On the day of the surgery, with support from the anaesthetist team and the operating room team, live feedback was communicated to accurately navigate the tedious 5-hour surgery.


"It is exactly like driving to a new place. You could do it the conventional way or turn on Waze or Google Maps and get yourself to your destination," said Dr. Prashant at the end of the surgery. Just like using "GPS," navigation in surgery ensures a safe journey, avoiding all unwanted problems in the fastest possible way.


We certainly hope that with the use of new technologies in the medical field, surgeries can become much safer for our patients. With the advent of AI, it is just a matter of time before technological advancements become an integral part of safe medicine.

With the grace of God, the surgery went well, and the patient was able to walk by the 3rd day post-surgery with no complications.

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