The charity arm of the hospital has come a long way since its early beginnings; however, its initial mission of serving the poor has not diminished even until now. Back when the hospital was known as the Seventh-Day Adventist Mission Clinic, the words ‘Poor Treated Free” were proudly displayed on the clinic’s signboard.

Today, the hospital’s mission remain unchanged and we have continued to provide quality healthcare even to those who were unable to fully meet the cost of their medical bills. This is made possible by the availability of the hospital’s various funds and the support of the community.

Medical Charity Funds

Penang Adventist Hospital has been actively involved in charity work since its inception in 1924. This mission has thrived and remainded as one of our core mission since then. As a not-for-profit healthcare facility in the northern region of Malaysia, Penang Adventist Hospital has been able to mend hearts and change lives because corporate citizens as well as individual donors have shown that they care and made a lifetime of difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Medical Charity Funds available for those in need of medical assistance are:

Dr. J. Earl Gardner Fund

Provides free or subsidised medical treatment to needy patients suffering from chronic illness in areas of tumour, cleft palate repair, scoliosis, stroke and major surgeries. The fund disbursed RM 481,767 and assisted 24 patients in 2021.
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Patient Heart Fund

Provides free or subsidised medical treatment to needy patients suffering from heart ailments. The fund disbursed RM 1,123,871 and assisted 34 patients in 2021.
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Cancer Fund

Provides free or subsidised medical treatment to needy cancer patients to undergo cancer related treatment. The fund disbursed RM 409,871 and assisted 19 patients in 2021.
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Welfare Fund

Income received by the Hospital during Sabbath (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday) are channeled towards this fund which provides free or subsidized medical treatment to assist needy patients in dialysis, cataract surgeries, admission bills and minor surgeries. The fund disbursed RM 313,552 and assisted 53 patients in 2021.
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General Fund

Provides financial aid to support the development & expansion of the Hospital, upgrading of the facilities, training of staff and sponsorship of nursing students. The fund disbursed RM 840,000 and sponsored 20 nursing students in 2021.
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The Medical Welfare Unit - The Engine Of Hope

The hospital’s Medical Welfare Services Unit was established in 1997 to help the poor and needy with financial assistance.

The Medical Welfare Services team assists patients and/or patients' relatives in seeking the appropriate healthcare treatment in PAH. The Medical Welfare Officer also liaises with doctors, nurses, other health professionals, as well as community resources and welfare agents in providing solutions for patients who are unable to meet medical costs. The Medical Welfare Services unit is a caring and responsive team that serves the local community who are in need of medical assistance by offering medical financial aid.

As responsible stewards of the charity funds, the team ensures that there is accountability and visibility for each case that is presented to the relevant committee for fund disbursement. The joy of seeing the patients’ smiling faces is the greatest gift for the Medical Welfare Officers who visit our patients post surgeries to show that we care for them beyond providing financial aid for their treatments and surgeries.

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