Lung diseases can pose threats but yet often ignore by people. At Penang Adventist Hospital, we provide diagnosis for lung diseases and consultation for patients with lung conditions.


  1. Lung Cancer
    • Multi-disciplinary approach
    • Ionising radiation (radiotherapy)
    • Respiratory, oncology, interventional radiology, and surgical team
    • Advantage: one-stop center for lung cancer
  2. Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    • Using one of the lastest lab techniques to diagnose tuberculosis (with in house geneXpert)
    • Advantage: precision and speed of diagnosis
  3. Asthma and COPD
  4. Pleural effusion
    • Using ’keyhole’ technique in diagnosis of the underlying aetiology, pleuroscope direct visualisation of the pleural cavity
    • Procedure done under conscious sedation, minimise the risk of general anaesthesia
  5. Interstitial lung disease
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Spirometry (lung function test)

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