Penang Adventist Hospital is a centre of excellence for thyroid disorders, offering comprehensive thyroid-related services, including medical consultations, laboratory tests, imaging, surgery, radioiodine-131 therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, speech therapy, and dietary consultations.

Our team of specialized consultants manages a spectrum of thyroid-related disorders, including thyroid function disorders such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, goiter, and thyroid cancers.

We are proud to be the first private hospital in Northern Malaysia fully equipped to manage thyroid cancer. Our dedicated custom-built isolation rooms feature a state-of-the-art decay tank system with sophisticated real-time radiation in-room radiation monitoring system ensuring optimal and safe performance of radioiodine-131 therapy for patients with differentiated thyroid cancers. Additionally, we are pioneers in Northern Malaysia as the first private hospital to possess SPECT/CT and digital PET/CT scanners, allowing for the detection, staging, restaging, and evaluation of treatment responses in thyroid cancers.

SPECT/CT Scanner

Digital PET/CT Scanner

Custom-built Isolation Rooms

Custom-built Toilet

The following is the list of thyroid-related services offered in our hospital:
  1. Treatment of hyperthyroidism
  2. Treatment of hypothyroidism
  3. Treatment of non-toxic goiter
  4. Blood tests including thyroid function tests (TSH, T4, T3), Thyroglobulin (Tg), anti-thyroglobulin (anti-Tg), thyrotropin receptor antibodies (TRAb)
  5. Ultrasound imaging of neck including the thyroid
  6. Contrasted and uncontrasted CT / MRI of the neck
  7. Thyroid (Tc-99m Pertechnetate) scan using SPECT/CT
  8. Radioiodine-131 scan using SPECT/CT
  9. PET-CT scans for thyroid cancer including medullary, anaplastic and dedifferentiated thyroid cancers
  10. Fine-needle aspiration of thyroid nodule
  11. Thyroid nodule biopsy
  12. Thyroid surgery (lobectomy, hemithyroidectomy, total thyroidectomy, nodal dissection, debulking surgery)
  13. Radioiodine-131 therapy for hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer
  14. Chemotherapy including thyrosine kinase inhibitors (Lenvatinib, Sorafenib)
  15. Radiation Therapy
  16. Speech assessment and therapy for patients with vocal cord palsy or on tracheostomy
  17. Dietary Consultation
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