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We believe big problems such as heart attack, diabetes or even obesity do not just happen overnight. They come about after many years of unhealthy habits, in various combinations, in your life.

At Adventist Lifestyle Centre, our second step of total healing is help you unravel those bad and unhealthy habits one at a time. Remember, our first line of treatment for your health issues are not based on drugs, medications or surgeries. Rather, we want to treat the roots that give rise to those big medical problems in your life. These roots lie in your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Intervention Products:

  • WAW Executive
  • WAW Breathe Free
  • WAW Corporate

Wholistic Health is a journey. Start with WAW Executive!

WAW Executive is an alternative program to your yearly medical check-up. This programme follows evidence-based practices, delivered by our experienced Dieticians.

Held over a 3 month period, it includes:

  1. Pre WAW Executive blood tests (full blood examination, total cholesterol profile, diabetes screening profile, kidney screening profile, liver function profile) & ultrasound upper abdomen to determine your current health status. This will set a baseline and allows us to customise the program to accommodate your specific needs, habits and daily routine
  2. There will be 3 face to face sessions (120 mins, 90mins, 90 mins) with our Dieticians and follow-up phone calls and emails. Our Dieticians will assess your diet patterns, help you make the right food choices, come out with a meal plan and guide your diet throughout the program. They will provide practical modification, followed by phone calls to ensure you reach your goal.
  3. Post WAW Executive blood tests to determine if you have reached your goals.

Key to Success:

  • Exercise as prescribed
  • Eat as prescribed
  • Full compliance

For appointments:
Email: wellness@pah.com.my
Tel: +604 222 7779

For information:
Tel: +604 222 7670


Time to “butt” out the smoking habit!

WAW BREATHE FREE is a user-friendly, research-based program designed to aid the smoker in developing self-assurance and confidence in the cessation process. It assists participants in becoming knowledgeable and active in the process of change, opening up to them a vision of personal choice, individual responsibility, freedom to act, and power to direct their own destiny. It helps them find confidence in their ability to regain control of their lives.

WAW Breathe Free seeks to empower the individual to reach three major objectives:

  • Physical preparation – To combat the physical components of addiction
  • Mental Preparation – To combat psychological addiction
  • Social Preparation – To combat social pressures to smoke

Course Structure:

Held over a 3 week period, there will be 7 sessions, one and one-half to two hours in length. Periodic follow-up will maintain abstinence from smoking for a long period.

Each class consists of:

  • Group lecture
  • Group discussion & sharing
  • Slide & video show
  • Testimony
  • CO2 measurement
  • Course notes

For details:
Tel: +604 222 7344


Wholistic Health is a journey. Start with WAW Corporate!

WAW Corporate addresses the health problem from a wholistic (mind, body and soul) perspective. It is an intervention that focuses on lifestyle factors that make you unhealthy: the way you eat, exercise, sleep, handle stress and relationship as well as how you view yourself.

Course Structure:

WAW Corporate is tailored to the needs of Business Corporation. It is conducted in 3 modules over a 3-month period. Each module consists of one full day of lecture presentation and group activities.

The module is conducted once a month. The course may be conducted at the premises of the business. Each module consists of:

  • Group lecture
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Quizzes
  • Home assignment and accountability
  • Body Assessment

Keys to Success:

  • Full attendance of all classes
  • Full compliance of homework assignment
  • Exercise as prescribed
  • Eat as prescribed
  • Partnership between course instructor and the organization which sends the employees to the program:
  • Regular communication between the instructor and company designated representative.
  • Consistent monitoring between the company designated representative and participants.
  • Support and collaboration from relevant stakeholders for example, HR, Finance, canteen operators, gym/fitness operators, environmental/safety officers.

After intervention: we recommend the following:

  • Regular group support sessions.
  • Continuous monitoring by relevant personnel designated by the organization.

Highly Recommended:

As optimum health is advocated, we recommend the following blood screening be taken

  • Full blood lipid
  • Fasting blood glucose

WAW Corporate recommended intervention format

Pre & Post WAW Screenings

  1. Blood Pressure (BP)
  2. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  3. Body Fat
  4. Lipid Profile
  5. Fasting Blood Glucose
  6. HbA1C *(diabetics only)
  7. Health Risk Appraisal (HRA)
Price to be advised
Monthly WAW Sessions – One day programme (9am- 4pm)
  1. Part I – Month 1
  2. Part II – Month 2
  3. Part III – Month 3
Price as per quotation
Programme Features:

  1. Max 20 pax per class
  2. Fee includes lecture notes
  3. HRDF Claimable

For information:
Tel: +604 222 7670

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