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New Zealand Visa Medical Screening

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Estimated Fee RM530

Estimated Screening Time: 3 hours

  • Up Front Medical(UFM) examination can be performed before a visa application been submitted to INZ(Immigration New Zealand)
  • Applicant MUST know which Certificate they intend to apply. Kindly refer to Immigration New Zealand if you are not sure of the type of Certificate required for your application
  • The health examinations that appear in e-Medical will depend on the Certificate selected
  • An appointment is required prior to coming in for the medical examination. The screening is only available on Monday – Thursday at 2-5pm.
  • Applicant who are 17 years old or under must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian
  • If you are short sighted, kindly along bring spectacles or contact lenses.
  • Fasting is NOT required for this medical examination
  • Female applicants are advised NOT to schedule the medical examination during menstrual period. Otherwise, it will be required to come back one week after the completion of menstruation
  • Drink plenty of water on the medical check-up day (for urine test)
Required Documents
  1. Examination Referral Letter which contains your NZER/NZHR number or the Health Examination List
  2. Valid Original Passport with 2 photocopies of passport
  3. A list of any medication you are taking (including dosage)
  4. Any relevant x-rays
  5. Any relevant detailed medical reports regarding a previously-treated or currently managed clinically significant illness which should contain the following information:
    • duration and date of treatment
    • surgical procedure or medical intervention done
    • complete final diagnosis
    • outcome of treatment or treatment plans and prognosis, if available
Medical Examination
CertificateAgeRequired Examinations
General Medical Certificate0-4 years oldMedical Examination
5-10 years oldMedical Examination and Urine Test
11-14 years oldMedical Examination and Urine Test
15 – 70 years oldMedical Examination, Urine Test, HbA1C, Syphilis Test, Serum Creatinine, Full Blood Count, Hepatitis B, HIV, Hepatitis C
70 years and aboveMedical Examination, Urine Test, HbA1C, Syphilis Test, Serum Creatinine, Full Blood Count, Hepatitis B, HIV, Hepatitis C, Mini Mental Test
Limited Medical Certificate0-14 years oldMedical examination
15 years and aboveMedical examination
Serum Creatinine
Full blood count
Supplementary Medical CertificateMust be 15 years and aboveHIV
X-Ray CertificateMust be 11 years and aboveX-ray
  • The applicant will be provided with the Information Sheet upon completion of the New Zealand Immigration Health examination.
  • Medical reports and chest x-ray image are electronically submitted online via e-Medical System