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IMMIGRATION MEDICAL EXAMINATION (IME) United Kingdom Visa Medical Examination

Penang Adventist Hospital  >  IMMIGRATION MEDICAL EXAMINATION (IME) United Kingdom Visa Medical Examination

Estimated Fee RM230

Estimated Screening Time : 3 hours

  • Fasting are NOT required for this medical exam
  • Kindly inform our staff if you need X-ray FILM for your scholarship application (for example JPA).
  • The validity of the certificate is 6 months.

Pregnant women (NOT recommended to take chest xray during the first trimester):

A pregnant woman has three options:

  1. Postpone the chest xray (and TB clearance) until after delivery
  2. Opt for TB clearance based on negative cultures from three appropriately taken sputum samples for Smears and Culture test Result of Sputum Smears and Culture will take up to 10 Weeks
  3. Continue with chest xray with protective shielding
Required Documents
  1. Valid Original National Passport
  2. 1 recent passport size photo (of any background colour). It will be used for your medical certificate
  3. A valid address in UK i.e. university/residential/office address
Medical Examination
AgeRequired Examinations
Below 11 years oldMedical Examination
11 years old and aboveMedical Examination, Chest xray

Estimated price around RM250  subject to any additional test required for the medical examination.