The very thought of getting breast cancer sends cold chills through most women and their love ones. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we want to take this opportunity to educate, create awareness, raise funds and advocate early screening.

This year, Penang Adventist Hospital takes on the theme: The Pink Movement, to promote breast cancer awareness and our key message is, Don’t Delay, Don’t Hesitate. 

The Pink Movement is a multifaceted event where we strive to :

1.            Fundraise – raise the much-needed fund to our cancer fund, to assist needy cancer patients

2.            Pledge –  offer 200 free mammograms for deserving ladies in our community 

3.            Educate – Impart knowledge about breast cancer through infographics, awareness videos and health talks all via our social media platforms. 

4.            Create awareness – early screening saves lives

Among all the important elements of The Pink Movement, the highlight will see the hospital offers free mammogram screenings. Cancer is so much more treatable and yes, even curable, with early detection. Thus the saying, early screening saves lives.

We want to advocate early screening and in translating our effort to create awareness on the importance of breast screening, the hospital pledged to offer one free mammogram for a deserving lady in our community for every RM500 donation we raised for our cancer fund. 

We have engaged philanthropists and members of the public to support this project. And we are pleased to announce that we have raised more than RM109,000 to date. This will also see the hospital offers 200 free mammograms. We are working very closely with 19 Penang State Assemblymen to offer these free mammograms to deserving ladies in our community.

Besides the free mammogram that is being offered, there will be breast cancer virtual talks, fun games & activities with fantastic prizes. Head to Penang Adventist Hospital Facebook page to learn more.

A big thank you to members of the public, who supported this worthy cause during such a difficult time. Your support is very commendable.

Join our WATCH & WIN CONTEST on Facebook as we are giving away 2 units of the pink colour Baseus WM02 Bluetooth Earphone to 2 lucky winners.

How to win? Go on and click on the poster (image) below to answer the question. 

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