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Prevention is better than cure. Penang Adventist Hospital, as a Health-Promoting Hospital brings you on the journey towards Holistic health. We believe in preventive care & lifestyle intervention are the preliminary approaches to make people physically, mentally, emotionally and socially healthy.

Besides curative treatments, we also uphold the mission to promote health through health education, to create health awareness and to advocate healthy lifestyle.



Basic nutrition couseling is provided to wellness clients and public to identify unhealthy lifestyles and provide appropriate advice, education and guidance on diet, and nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

For further information, kindly contact:
Tel: +604 222 7344
Email: healthpromotion@pah.com.my


Diabetic Centre provides a full range of services for diabetics to enhance their quality of life and their families by empowering them with the right knowledge to take charge of their disease.

  • Free Diabetic Counselling is offered to people with diabetes or family members who want to learn more about diabetes management. Diabetic Counselling can be given in a one to one basis or in a group setting.
  • Free diabetic foot screening.
  • Demonstration of glucose meter, insulin injection technique, and self feet examination.
  • Weekly free diabetes screening.
  • Provide diabetics support group.

For further information, kindly contact:
Tel: +604 222 7735
Email: diabetes@pah.com.my


WAW Breathe Free is a user-friendly, research-based program designed to aid the smoker in developing self-assurance and confidence in the cessation process. It assists participants in becoming knowledgeable and active in the process of change, opening up to them a vision of personal choice, individual responsibility, freedom to act, and power to direct their own destiny. It helps them find confidence in their ability to regain control of their lives.

WAW Breathe Free course will be held over a 3 week period, there will be 7 sessions, one and one-half to two hours in length. Periodic follow-up will maintain abstinence from smoking for a long period.

For further information, kindly contact:
Tel: +604 222 7344
Email: healtheducation@pah.com.my


Penang Adventist Hospital is a baby-friendly hospital. We ensure all breastfeeding women receive proper consistent advice with the help and support necessary from the staff to enable them to start and maintain lactation to meet the nutritional requirements of their infants. Penang Adventist Hospital empowers all women to breastfeed their children exclusively from birth to 6 months, and to continue breastfeeding with complimentary food, up to two years or beyond.

PAH also provide Pre-natal Class to share what you need to know about safe motherhood. We will guide you through your pregnancy to delivery and care of your baby. Our course is conducted by our Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Anaesthesiologist, Dietition, Registered Nurse, Physiotherapist & Health Educator. First time mothers are encouraged to attend. For schedule and appointment please refer here (hyperlink to pre-natal class schedule in “news & events” page).

Prenatal Class 2018

For more information, kindly contact:
Tel: +604 222 7709
Email: lactation@pah.com.my


Basic/Corporate Health Screening
Public Health Talk
Healthy Food Cooking Demonstration