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Renal Care Centre

Set up as a not-for-profit centre for patients receiving dialysis treatment, Penang Adventist Hospital's Dialysis Unit has tremendously benefitted many patients by providing discount treatment.

The aim of the twenty-five station Renal Care Centre (Haemodialysis Centre) is to provide optimal dialysis and care to patients so that they can be fully rehabilitated to lead a lifestyle that is as normal as possible.

This centre also caters to international patients who need to be dialyzed while on holiday or business in Penang.

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The Renal Care Centre, which operates from 6am to 6pm, has 25 dialysis machines. With each machine, there is a special chair provided in order to make the dialysis period a comfortable one. Besides that, we also have 2 dialysis machines in the ICU for dialysis patients who are very ill and need close monitoring, and one of them is the Diapact system. This Diapact system provides continuous renal replacement therapy, specially catering for haemodynamically unstable patients requiring ICU care.

We also have our own modern Reverse Osmosis Water system to maintain a high standard of water quality. This ensures that the dilution of the dialysis fluid is done with the same water.

A semi automatic computerized reprocessing system ensures the quality of artificial kidney recycling.

Each patient is seen every time he or she comes for a dialysis. Blood transfusion for those who need it (with renal conditions) is also done at the dialysis centre. Provision is available for emergency dialysis if needed.

Kidney failure occurs because of many reasons. Early detection and treatment can save many kidneys. If a person only has kidney impairment, careful attention must be given to protein, potassium and water intake. Those who are not on dialysis but have renal failure must also be extremely careful with protein (meat, tofu, beans, fish, chicken, etc.), potassium and water intake.

If you are on a dialysis program, you will need to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Long term kidney failure needs dialysis 2-3 times a week.
  • If you feel any nausea or breathlessness, you must call your dialysis nurse or doctor. You may need urgent dialysis.
  • Regular blood tests as prescribed by the doctor must be done. Our laboratory offers these tests at very competitive rates.

The Renal Care Centre at Penang Adventist Hospital is at your service to give you as much assistance as possible.


For further information, kindly contact:

Adventist Renal Care Centre
Tel: (+604) 222 7744