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Since its inception more than eighty years ago, Penang Adventist Hospital is the only comprehensive hospital that purposefully and diligently embraces a "wholistic" approach to healthcare in Penang.

"Wholistic medicine" means that people are treated as total beings-mind, body, and spirit. Total patient care provides for a person's spiritual as well as physical and mental needs. The Chaplaincy programs (pastoral care) at Penang Adventist Hospital are key services in total patient care. These services are offered free of charge because of "A Passion to Heal, A Heart to Care".

When lives are in the balance and uncertainty overcomes a person - a kind word, gentle touch, whispered prayer, or an empathic presence can soothe a soul and bring efficacy to the healing process. During such moments, chaplains offer critically needed spiritual and emotional support ministering to patients, their families and medical staff through unconditional love, sacrifice and service.

The chaplain's services are not confined to the boundaries of the hospital alone. Follow up services are extended to ex-patients in the comfort of their homes (visitation by request for emotional and spiritual care).

In-patients of the hospital are welcome to participate in the Sabbath service especially organised for them in the auditorium of the College of Nursing on Saturdays.


Pastor Francis Amer
Chaplain, Penang Adventist Hospital
Tel: (+604) 222 7657
Fax: (+604) 228 0443