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Adventist Bakery & Commissary

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Our famous adage, "Baking with a difference", speaks for itself in the variety of specialty breads we bake. At the Adventist Bakery, we are dedicated to providing natural and wholesome foods to our customers. Breads and products that come from the Adventist Bakery support our healthcare aim to be the healing portal to our patients and customers.


The bakery started in the early '70s with only one product - wholemeal bread. The bread soon won the heart of the hospital clientele including its own staff, not only because it was healthy, but also tasty. The word spread around and demands for Penang Adventist Hospital healthy bread from the community grew. More and more people in Penang are participating in a healthy lifestyle and consequently are looking for the hospital's healthy bread.

Thus Penang Adventist Hospital developed the Adventist Bakery to cater to the needs of the patients as well as its own staff and the growing demand from the community.

The Adventist Bakery now produces a range of more than fifty kinds of baked products, including its famous sprouted breads. Today Penang Adventist Hospital bread is well known all over Penang and other parts of Malaysia and its neighbouring countries.

For more information about the products available, please visit our website at www.adventistbakery.com