Activities & Program

As a member of Mended Hearts, you can begin reaching out to others or be benefited through our structured programs that consist of:

Support Group To Heart Patient And Family Members
  • Visitation by accredited members.
  • Rehabilitation exercise program for patients post discharge.
  • Contacting postoperative or post hyphenated patient via email or telephone.
  • Quarterly gatherings of support group.
  • Online forum for heart patients to share their experience.
  • Diversion of questionnaires, worries or doubts to trained professional staffs (e.g.; cardiac surgeon, cardiologist, cardiac nurse)

One Stop Resource Center On Heart Related Matters
  • Information library with related books, brochures and pamphlets access for members, and related PAH staff that are trained to provide the service.
  • Copyrights CD available for patient distribution (Pediatric and Adults).
  • Educational program - public health talk quarterly.

Social Program
  • Cardiac Rehab Support Group Annual Gathering
  • World Heart Day Celebration