Who can be helped?

Patients who have underlying cardiovascular problems and require treatment or surgery can benefit from Mended Hearts support.

Heart treatments and surgeries are designed to improve quality of life; however, the healing of the physical and emotional aspects takes a longer time. It is normal for patients and families to be concerned and anxious or feel anger, frustration and depression during this adjustment period.

This is where Mended Hearts Penang is available to provide timely help.

How can we help?

Currently, you (heart patients or the family members, medical and health professionals) can visit our center. We carefully train members to visit recovering patients. It is often inspiring for the patients to see a healthy mended heart enter the hospital room. They provide the added strength the patient may need to overcome many doubts and fears. "Helping others" is what it is all about.

Peer Group Support Service
1. Objective

As heart patients who have successfully undergone bypass surgery or angioplasty, our experiences may be helpful in reassuring and supporting patients who are about to undergo the same procedures. The same assistance can also be extended to patientsí family members.

2. Advantage of Service

Getting advice and information from successful heart patients is quite different from hearing the same from cardiologists, surgeon or hospital counselors. The real experience of Mended Hearts members should have a different degree of credibility.

3. Mechanics of the Service
  • Volunteers from among the Mended Hearts members and other successful heart patients will be sought.
  • A short training session will be provided by Adventist doctors and other staff.
  • The service will be disseminated to all heart patients before they undergo surgery or angioplasty. Patients will decide on their own if they wish to avail themselves of this service. They can also indicate their preferences like wanting a volunteer who is female or male, a particular religious faith etc.
  • Volunteers will make themselves available no more than once a week for about 2 hours.

Becoming a Member

Open to all who have experienced or recovered from heart mending procedures or treatment. Families of patients who wish to help others are also welcome to be a Mended Hearts members. And members of the public who do not come under the two categories can benefit from increased awareness throught involvement with MHP.

How you can join?

All are welcome, as you will not only benefit as a member, you can also make a difference in a patients' recovery and outlook on life, as well as interact with other members through local chapter meetings, volunteering and special events.

Visit Us @

Mended Hearts Penang,
Penang Adventist Hospital,
465 Burma Road,
10350 Penang,

Tel: 604-2227344

Email: mendedheartspenang@pah.com.my

Membership fees:

New - RM20.00
Renew - RM10.00