Who are we & What we do

Mended Hearts is a non-profit organization committed in helping heart disease patients and families or caregivers to deal with the emotional recovery from heart disease.

  • This organization is composed of a very special group of people: heart patients, spouses, health professionals and other interested individuals.
  • The first "Mended Hearts" were two men and two women recovering from heart surgery in 1950. They felt a need (as we do today) to help others facing the same heart-mending procedures and decided to form Mended Hearts in the United States of America in 1955.
  • Today, membership has grown to thousands and continues to grow each year with over 200 chapters across the United States and one chapter in Canada.
  • Being the pioneer to heart surgeries in Northern Malaysia, the community of Penang Adventist Hospital realised that there are no formal support groups for heart patients in Malaysia. With the acknowledgement and authorisation given by Mended Hearts Inc., we are proud to start a new chapter in Penang: Mended Hearts Penang.

Committee Members

ChairmanDr Yen Ang
Vice ChairmanMr. Ray Koay Teng Hian
SecretaryMs See Wee Dee
Committee Mr Chew Gang Chong
Ms Chun Teik Lan
Ms Imelda Jee Hui Na
Mr Lau Beng Chye
Medical AdvisorsDr. Simon Yeoh, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Physician
Dr. Chang Sau Kong, Consultant Cardiologist, Physician
Dr. Talal Reda Mahmoud, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon


The Mended Hearts Penang offers help, support and encouragement to heart disease patients and their families through the following ways:

  • Distribute information of specific educational value to members of the support group, patients and their families.
  • Hospital visitation / counseling on request by trained personnel.
  • Establish and maintain a program of assistance to physicians, nurses, medical professionals and health care organizations in their work with patients and families.
  • Establish and assist heart disease rehabilitation programs for members and their families.
  • Cooperating with other organizations in education and research activities pertaining to heart disease.
  • Plan and conduct suitable programs of social and educational interest for members, patients and their families.