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World Heart Day – Love Your Heart Campaign 2018

World Heart Day – Love Your Heart Campaign 2018

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), cardiovascular disease accounts for approximately 30% of global deaths. In view of that, World Heart Day is celebrated annually on 29th September across the world in a bit to reduce the number of cardiovascular disease related death. It is an international campaign aimed at increasing awareness towards heart health.


In conjunction with World Heart Day 2018, Penang Adventist Hospital is organizing an awareness campaign themed “Love Your Heart”. A series of activities are set to raise public awareness on cardiovascular disease and the importance of having a healthy heart, from September through October 2018.


There are three key elements that advocate through this campaign to help public maintain good heart health, which are Move Your Heart, Know Your Heart, and Fuel Your Heart. The Charity Red Socks Run on 23 September 2018 is the main highlight of the campaign.  To advocate “Move Your Heart”, this one of a kind running event encourages the public to pull up their socks and get fit; while contributing to the Patient Heart Fund. On the event day at Gurney Paragon, there will be health screening, health education booths and “MEGA Heart” exhibition.


Through Charity Red Socks Run, Penang Adventist Hospital hopes to raise RM200,000.000 for its Patient Heart Fund in aid of needy heart patients. This year is a special year for the fund that has given many patients new lease of life – it is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. From the overall disbursement last year amounting to RM 2, 658, 522.00, the fund disbursed RM 667, 745.00 for needy heart patients.


 “MEGA Heart” exhibition is another key highlight of the Love Your Heart campaign. Making its first debut in Malaysia, the fully imported “MEGA Heart” from USA, is a gigantic inflatable human heart measuring 13ft tall, 15ft wide and 26ft long. In advocating “Know Your Heart”, the “MEGA Heart” provides highly interactive experience to the visitors, where public could step inside the “MEGA Heart” to learn about cardiovascular functions, observe examples of various heart disease, and see displays of some of the medical treatments for heart problems. Catch the “MEGA Heart” on 23 September at Gurney Paragon Mall, 30 Sep at Penang Adventist Hospital, and on 5 & 7 October at Design Village Outlet Mall. Additionally, there will be “MEGA Heart” roadshows to public schools in educating students on heart health.


Furthermore, the hospital will be also conducting complimentary health screening sessions, educational booths and interactive games, and public health talks by the Cardiologists & Nutritionist on 30th Sep 2018 (hospital) & on 7th October 2018 (Design Village Outlet Mall) in advocating “Fuel Your Heart” through the sharing information of healthy eating for good heart health to the public.