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Kangaroo Club
Breastfeeding Support Group


Our Kangaroo Club (KC) is a Breastfeeding Support Group of Penang Adventist Hospital. It was launched officially on 1st August 2004 during the World Breastfeeding Week. The members of the Kangaroo Club are all "Baby Friendly".

In fact most of them had or have successfully breastfed their children. This club is formed to support mothers who are breastfeeding and for members to share their experiences on breastfeeding.

How To Join Our Club?

  • Get a registration form from our Obstetric (OB) clinic or during our KC Gathering
  • Submit the completed form to our Obstetric (OB) clinic or Lactation Nurse or during our KC gathering

Enjoy The Benefits!

  • Get Breastfeeding Education / Counselling.
  • FREE leaftlets on breastfeeding.
  • Learn proper breastfeeding technique.
  • Be motivated to achieve your breastfeeding goal.
  • Strengthen self confidence in breastfeeding.
  • Have contacts with other breastfeeding mothers.
  • Get support and share experience.
  • Be updated with breastfeeding/parenting information.
  • Breastfeeding booklet available.
  • Breastpump on loan (for trial only)
  • Over the phone counselling

Kangaroo Club Gathering

  1. 02/04/2017
  2. 13/08/2017 (World Breastfeeding Week Celebration)
  3. 22/10/2017
Venue VIP Lounge/Auditorium, Adventist Specialist Complex
Time 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Fee Free of charge (No Membership Fee)
Who can attend All pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, children of any age, familiy members, and anyone who is interested.
What to expect
  1. Talks given by specialists and registered nurses.
  2. Sharing on breastfeeding experience by mothers/peer supporters.
  3. Topics of discussions include:
    • Common breastfeeding problems
    • Expressing and Storage of Breast Milk (EBM)
    • How to maintain lactation when back to work
    • Parenting tips
Other Services Facing breastfeeding problems?
  1. 24 hour helpline 04-2227328
  2. 8am - 5pm (Mon - Thu)
    8am - 1pm (Fri / Sun)
    Tel: 04-2227609 / 04-2227709
Breastfeeding Support Group For any support or help in breastfeeding, please contact the following:
  1. Lisa Koay Eng Sim - 016-4685403
  2. Venessa Chuah Lay Cheng - 012-4768053
  3. Connie Mooi - 016-5533782
  4. Lee Su Li - 016-4388230
  5. Pang Tuan Saek - 04-8288825
  6. Grace Mary - 016-4930694
  7. Linda Tako - 013-4005980

* Dates subject to change. For confirmation, call 04-2227609 / 04-2227709 or email:

Be Part Of Us!

You are helping to improve the awareness of breastfeeding benefits in the community.