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Dato Dr T. Aloysius Raj
Consultant Clinical Oncologist
MBBS (Madras), MD (Madras), DMRT (Madras), MS (Gen), AM (M'sia)

Dato Dr. T. Aloysius Raj joined Penang Adventist Hospital in August 2009 as our Consultant Clinical Oncologist. He was born in the Temple town of Kumbakonam in Southern India and had his early education in Madras in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. His medical education was from the Madras Medical College, Madras University and he then continued with his Higher Education in the same college. Dr Aloysius did his Diploma in Medical Radiotherapy (DMRT), his Masters in Oncology and Radiotherapy (MD) followed by Masters in Surgery (MS) from the same college. He then joined service with the Tamilnadu Government at the Madras Medical College and started work as a Tutor in Oncology and Radiotherapy at the Barnard Institute of Radiology and Cancer, Madras Medical college, Madras. He is a member of the Academy of Medicine Malaysia. In 1989 he was elevated to the post of Professor of Radiotherapy and Oncology and also worked as the head of the department of Radiotherapy at the Aringar Anna Cancer Hospital - A WHO project for the State of Tamilnadu. Dr Raj was then was posted back to the Madras Medical College in 1994 where he worked for a period of one year.

In 1995 he joined the Ministry of Health at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur as a consultant Oncologist in the Institute of Oncology and Radiotherapy. After serving 3 years he then joined the Mount Miriam Hospital in 1998 for a period of seven and a half years and later joined Pantai Hospital Penang where he worked until July of 2009.

During his stay in India apart from the routine teletherapy work, Dr Raj also treated a large number of patients with brachytherapy for both Gynaecological and non Gynaecological cancers.. He has wide experience with Low Dose Rate, Medium Dose Rate and High Dose Rate brachytherapy. He had his initial training in Tata Memorial Hospital Bombay under Dr. Dhinshaw and later at the Utrect Hospital, Holland under Prof. Batterman in the area of High Dose rate brachytherapy. He has been a pioneer in starting the First Private Independent Brachytherapy Centre at St. Thomas Hospital, in the city of Madras using Caesium Isotope with a dose rate of 150 cgys / hour from the conventional 50cgys /hour which was in vogue until then and also Low Dose Rate Iridium Sources.

Dr Aloysius Raj has won the President's Award from the Association of Radiation Oncologist of India for his innovative work in developing the one and only Indigenous Remote After Loading Machine for low dose rate brachytherapy of Cervical and Endometrial cancers. He has also carried out innovative work in the area of brachytherapy and has developed numerous applicators for the treatment of Gynecological and nasopharyngeal cancers with subtle benefits in dose delivery He developed the first Indigenous Template for treatment of Parametrium with Iridium sources.

He has presented numerous papers in International and National conferences on External beam radiotherapy, Combination treatment of Cancers with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, Combination treatments of External Radiotherapy and brachytherapy in non-Gynaecological cancers and an innovative work in Esophageal cancers with near total dysphagia which opens up the obstructed Esophagus with 3 fractions of High Dose Rate External Beam Radiotherapy.

He is currently involved in clinical research and is participating in a few controlled randomised phase 2 and 3 trials in cancer with chemotherapy drugs and in thrombo-embolism prevention trials in advanced cancers. He has also done some observational studies on lung cancers.

His present interest is in the machines with novel, highly precise and targeted treatment options with newer designs and changing fundamentals for treatment with great potential to spare almost all normal tissue and being able to deliver a higher tumour dose thereby increasing the control rate and survival by decreasing the morbidity of normal tissue side effects.