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Dr Li Zi Huey
Wellness Doctor
MD (Crimea)

Dr Li Zi-Huey is our Medical Officer at the Adventist Lifestyle Centre. Upon completing her Medical Degree at the Crimea State Medical University in Ukraine, Dr Li returned to Malaysia and did her housemanship at the Hospital Kajang.

She had also served as a Medical Officer in the Accident and Emergency Department of Hospital Kajang prior to moving to Sarawak, where she worked at the Klinik Kesihatan Sarikei. Later on, Dr Li served as a Medical Officer at the Kepala Batas District Hospital. While there, she rotated between the Emergency Department, Specialist Clinics (namely Maternal & Child, ENT, Nephrology, Haematology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Chest), wards (Medical, Paediatric, Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and the ICU.

Dr Li is also actively involved in community health screening campaigns and blood donation campaigns. She is able to converse in English, Malay, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese.