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Dr Teh Chu Leong
Consultant Urologist
MBBS (NSW), FRCS (Edin), Endourology (USA)

Dr Teh Chu Leong is our Resident Consultant Urologist. He graduated from Medical School of University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He returned to serve numerous years at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, Alor Setar General Hospital and Penang General Hospital.

Dr Teh obtained his diploma in General Surgery in 1991 and subsequently pursued specialized training in Urology at the Institute of Urology, Kuala Lumpur.

He undertook further subspecialty training in the field of Endourology at the distinguished Duke University in 1996. On completion of training, Dr Teh assumed the consultant urologist appointment at Penang General Hospital for three years, during which he also served as part-time clinical lecturer at Penang Medical College.

Dr Teh had gained extensive knowledge in various urological diseases and surgery through his training and experience in Urology.

He had developed proficiency in the following areas:-

  • Surgical management of urinary stones including PCNL
  • Prostate disorders eg. BPH, prostate cancer
  • Metabolic evaluation and medical therapy for urinary stone
  • Urinary incontinence surgery including pubovaginal sling procedure
  • Voiding dysfunction

Apart from clinical engagement, Dr Teh had also several publications in international journals to his credit.