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Dr Tean Kim Nyin, Calvin
Consultant Cardiologist & Physician
MBBS, MRCP (Ire), MRCP (UK), AM (M'sia)

Dr Tean (Dr Calvin Tean) is one of our Consultant Cardiologists. He received all his basic education in Ipoh and took up medical studies at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, India, where he received his degree in medicine from Madras University. He then received his Memberships with the Royal College of Physicians in Medicine from Ireland and United Kingdom, and a Fellowship Certificate in Cardiology from the Royal College of Physicians, Glasgow.

Dr Tean has had extensive experience in the management of active and chronic medical illnesses prior to his training in Cardiology. His first year in cardiology was spent at the Stobhill & Royal Infirmary Hospitals in Glasgow, Scotland and his second year at the Royal Infirmary Hospital in Edinburgh. His final year was spent in Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, England. He is therefore well grounded in the management of all types of heart diseases in adults, ranging from hypertension to valvular heart disease and acute heart attacks.

Having done countless investigative procedures, he is proficient in basic cardiology evaluation such as stress testing and 24 hour Holter ECG, as well as advanced procedures such as Echocardiology involving Doppler, insertion of temporary & permanent pacemaker, coronary angiography, right & left heart catheterization & PCI with stenting.

Being active in sporting activities, Dr Tean is keen to help his patients and the general public in adopting a healthier lifestyle through personal counseling & public talks.

Though he is from a Hakka background he has no difficulty with the common Chinese dialects as well as Malay. He is blessed with a musically talented wife and 4 children and together they are actively involved in religious and social, activities in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.