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Prof Dr Thameem Ansari
Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
MBBS, MS (Gen), M.Ch (Paed. Surgery), FICS (Paed Surgery)

Prof Dr Thameem Ansari, our Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, studied for his MBBS in Madras Stanley Medical College, followed by MS in General Surgery. He served as Asst. Professor of Surgery at well known medical college and in 1979 obtained the M.Ch in Paediatric Surgery at Madras Medical College. Prof. Ansari has also served in the Middle East University Hospital. Currently, Prof. Ansari is attached to AIMST University as well AUCMS University as Prof of Paediatric Surgery, and he is a visiting professor to overseas universities.

During his training in Paediatric Surgery, Dr Ansari had the opportunity of working with Prof. M.S RamaKrishnan, known as the Father of Paediatric Surgery. Under Prof. RamaKrishnan, he had extensive training in the Neonatal Surgery as well surgery in older children, both elective and emergency cases. This enabled him to handle Neonatal Surgical problems such as infantile Pyloric stenosis, Tracheooesophageal fistula, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Anorectal Abnormalities, Hirschprung's disease, Congenital Lobar Emphysema, Duplication Cyst of Oesophagus, Mediastinal Teratoma, Eventration of Diaphragm, Hydronephrosis, Congenital Tumours, Biliary Atresia, Choledochal Cyst, Exomphalos, Cloacal Exstrophy, Vesicostomy, Cutaneous Ureterostomy, Colostomy, Ileostomy, Colon Interposition for Oesophageal Atresia, Congenital Lung Cyst, Cystic Adenomatoid malformation of lung, etc. He is also equipped to handle older children's surgical problems such as surgery for Pelvi Ureteric Obstruction (Hydronephrosis) in children, Wilm's Tumour, Neuro Blastoma, Duhamel's procedure for Hirschprung's disease, Anorectal reconstructive surgeries (Posterior Sagital Anorectoplasty), Duplication Cyst of GI tree, Intussusception, Solid Abdominal Tumours, Splenectomy, Congenital Choledochal Cyst, Biliary Atresia, and Other GI, GU, Head and Neck and Miscellaneous diseases, etc.

Since 1971, Prof. Ansari has done more than twenty five thousand surgical procedures in Penang, as well in other parts of world.

Prof. Ansari has a keen interest in Paediatric Surgical Gastro Intestinal problems and does extensive research work in Gastro Intestinal Motility lab such as, 24 hour pH study, Oesophageal Manometry, ElectroGastroGraphy, Anorectal Physiological testings (Anal Manometry) Colon transit study, Cinedefecogram Study, Computer aided biofeed back training, as well pelvic floor exercise training, Wireless Pill Cam Endoscopy apart from GI scope work, etc.

Prof. Ansari has published and presented more than 200 scientific papers in India, Libya, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Nepal, etc. He received his Anal Manometry training in Sweden, Holland, USA, Singapore, EGG training in Sweden, Laparoscopic training in Germany, Malaysia and USA, Pill Cam Endoscopy training in USA, Singapore and in Malaysia, GI stapler training in Middle East, and Esophageal Manometry training in USA.

Prof. Ansari has participated in International Scientific Conferences in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hongkong, Holland, Nepal, USA Jordan, etc.

Prof. Ansari wrote and published his first hand book in Neonatal problems - Diagnosis and Management. Dr Ansari's second book soon "Diagnostic picture aid in Paediatric Surgery with Question and Answers" will be ready for publication. Prof. Ansari is married and has two sons who are also specialists. Dr Ansari is also an avid reader.