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Dr Tan Yao May, Agnes
Consultant Paediatrician
MD(M'sia), MRCP(Paed) (UK), AM (M'sia)

Dr Agnes Tan is our Resident Consultant Paediatrician from the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. She worked in the Penang General Hospital and University of Cardiff, United Kingdom, before joining Penang Adventist Hospital in 1992.

She has extensive experience in the care of the newborns, and children below the age of 16. As a General Paediatrician, she treats various childhood diseases which are common in our community such as infections, allergies and asthma. She runs the baby clinic for the assessment of growth and development, including administering immunization.

Dr Tan works effectively with babies and children requiring her skills. While being fluent in English, Malay and Hokkien, she is able to make people feel at ease which enables her to quickly establish a long lasting rapport with children and their parents.

In her free time, she reads extensively, enjoys music and chooses golfing as an outdoor exercise.