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A myth still exists that cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including heart disease and stroke, are lifestyle diseases that primarily affect older, affluent, male populations. However, as we well know, this is far from the truth. In fact, all ages and population groups are affected by CVD, including women and children. CVD takes lives prematurely and causes severe illness and disability at high and devastating costs to families and societies.

This year the focus is on protecting the hearts of women and children by encouraging heart-healthy living across the world. In fact, heart disease is actually the number one killer of women, causing 1 in 3 female deaths: shockingly, that’s about one death per minute! It is vital that women learn the truth about their cardiovascular disease risk and take action to protect themselves and their family!

Children are vulnerable too: the risk for cardiovascular disease can begin before birth during foetal development, and increase further during childhood with exposure to unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and smoking. Children might suffer a double burden from heart disease and stroke. They may have to face the emotional consequences of seeing a loved one becoming ill, but they are also at risk of the physical consequences of heart disease and stroke.

Hence, this year, World Heart Day was aptly celebrated in a school in Butterworth where you will find mostly women and children. To cater to the needs of the community who are mostly Chinese speaking, the whole event was conducted in Mandarin.


The event started with free health screening for the first 200 pax. Whilst waiting for their turn, the CBE Jazz Aerobic Team got the participants on their feet to the sound of Chinese contemporary music. This was followed by a Health Talk on “Recipes to prevent heart diseases” by a Dietitian.


To encourage and motivate the community to be health conscious, there was a health quiz whereby participants have to look for the correct answers in the poster boards. The first 100 correct answers are entitled to a door gift and a lucky draw!

To encourage the children to move, there was a Hula Hoop competition to see who could keep their Hula Hoop moving the longest. There were squeals of delights and also sighs of disappointment amongst the children.


Dr Dicky Ng represented the Chief Executive Officer of Penang Adventist Hospital to give his address, followed by the Chairman of SJKC Kwang Hwa, Butterworth. The students brought the temperature up a notch by giving 2 modern dances. This was followed by a Health Talk on “Diabetes and your heart” by Dr Dicky. The event ended with the announcement of the winners for the Hula Hoop competition and Health Quiz.


Every year, 17.1 million lives are claimed by the global burden of cardiovascular disease, which includes heart disease and stroke, with 82 per cent of deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries. It is the world’s number one killer but a majority of these deaths could be prevented by eating a healthy diet, carrying out regular physical activity and avoiding tobacco.

World Heart Day was formed to create community awareness of risk factors of heart disease and to endorse defensive measures. This year World Heart Day theme is “One World, One Home, One Heart”.

This year, Penang Adventist Hospital’s Mended Hearts, a support group for heart patients and Development Department celebrated World Heart Day to do two important things:

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle by a Fun Walk – Passport to Healthy Heart
  • Aid the Heart Patients’ Fund through the Children’s Coloring Contest

The Quarry Recreational Park in Penang Botanical Garden came alive on the morning of Sun 25 September 2011. Approximately 150-200 pax including children armed with tables and chairs can be seen walking towards the Quarry.

The event kicked off with FREE health screening for the 1st 200pax followed by a heart formation to signify World Heart Day. To warm up the walkers, a gentle exercise was performed before the Fun Walk.

The walkers of the Fun Walk – Passport to Healthy Heart are armed with a “Passport” whereby they are required to walk around botanical gardens to look for booths to answer 7 heart healthy questions. They will get a stamp on their passport when they get the right answers. On completion of the 7 questions, they will are entitled to a lucky draw.


While the adults are walking, the children are busy colouring their hearts away. There were 3 categories: Kindergarten, Age 7-9 years, 10-12 years. The presence of Old Master Q and Big Potato brought cheer to both children and adults.

YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang State Executive Councilor and Dr Wesley Toh See Wei, Chief Operating Officer, Penang Adventist Hospital were the judges of the colouring contest.

After the speeches, children from the Shan’s Children Home came forward to drop coins into a giant heart to show they are not too young to help other children who are very sick and in need of money to undergo heart surgeries. Approximately RM3,000 was raised during this period.

8 heart patients came upstage to receive their certificates for completion of the Cardiac Rehabilitation programme.


Dr Dicky Ng represented the Chief Executive Officer of Penang Adventist Hospital to give his address, followed by the Chairman of SJKC Kwang Hwa, Butterworth. The students brought the temperature up a notch by giving 2 modern dances. This was followed by a Health Talk on “Diabetes and your heart” by Dr Dicky. The event ended with the announcement of the winners for the Hula Hoop competition and Health Quiz.


The football field behind Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH) was sea of red poppies on Sun 26 September 2010. More than 100 walkers decked in red caps & red T-shirts came for the 8 km walkathon held in conjunction with World Heart Day 2010.

This year, Mended Hearts Penang teamed up with Development to organize a walkathon “Nature Trail with Hearts” in aid of the hospital’s Heart Patients’ Fund. The event on Sun 26 September 2010 was held in the football field behind Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH).

The event kicked off with a warming-up exercise by Melissa, an aerobic instructor supported by Master Q and Big Potato. YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang State Executive Councilor flagged off the walkathon followed by chaperoning 2 young children on a mini walk around the hospital.

While waiting for the other walkers to return, there was a charity fair where there was a jumble sale, Tupperware store, Master Q stationery, our famous PAH bakery, Drinho sampling, Tze Chi and math Monkey. Children had a whale of a time playing in our charity Bouncy Playhouse. Those who are health conscious had their health screened for FREE.


After the walk, the event continued with a contemporary dance by PAH Happy Sowers. The dance is about a woman who dreamt about her husband and the beautiful memories they shared together before he was taken away by a heart attack. The objective of this dance is to remind the audience to take care of their heart and not take it for granted.

This was followed by a presentation of Cardiac Rehabilitation certificates to heart patients who completed their exercise program. The audience was next treated to 3 performances by Master Q and Big Potato.

The children from our Adventist Children Choir stole our hearts 4 performances. The first song is a beautiful violin piece by Zilyn Yeoh on “Can you feel the love tonight” followed by Zoei Toh’s powerful solo “I believe”. The last song a “Cheerful giver” is about the children helping children with heart disease. The children were seen happily skipping around a wishing well and tipping their monies into it. They managed to raise RM576 for the Heart Patients’ Fund.


Results of the competition in aid of the Heart Patients’ Fund were next announced. Heng Ee Secondary School won the “Most Number of Hearts Saved” as they bought 3,000 heart-shaped coin boxes. In the children aged 3-12 category, Zoei Toh won the “Highest Collection” from the coin box by collecting RM50. The “Highest Collection” from the walkathon donation card went Mr. Ooi Ching Tian who collected a whopping RM5,600!

The event ended with 30 lucky draws whereby some lucky winners walked away with lunch vouchers compliments from G-Hotel.


Over 17.2 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases, making these the leading cause of death worldwide. Yet 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided by controlling the main risk factors; tobacco, unhealthy diet and physical activity. Hence, World Heart Day was created, to create public awareness of risk factors for heart disease and stroke and to promote preventive measures.

World Heart Day 2009 is truly a community project as we are working in partnership with Intel Malaysia and Penang Island Municipal Council.

The theme of this year is “Workplace Wellness”. More than 150 people participated in the 2.5 km “Walk for Wellness” which was launched by YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang State Executive Councilor. 12 walkers participated in the fancy dress contest where the top 3 walkers took back prizes sponsored by Intel & Celebrity Fitness.

The event kicked off with Catherine’s group “wowing” the crowd with 3 upbeat line dancing sequences. This was followed by a presentation of Cardiac Rehabilitation certificates to heart patients who completed their exercise program. They were later joined by 7 heart patients who benefitted from our Heart Patient’s Fund.

Kendo, meaning “Way of the Sword”, is a modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting based on traditional Japanese swordsmanship or Kenjutsu was presented by Pink Hibiscus. Kendo is a physically and mentally challenging activity that combines strong martial arts values with sport-like physical elements.

The children from QQ kindergarten stole our hearts with their cute belly dancing and their version of “Little Red Riding Hood”. There is more to jump rope than skipping! To prove that, the youths from Penang State Youth & Sport department showed their prowess with the jump rope!

Our team from ER gave a short demo on “what to do” when you come across an unconscious person. Other activities include health screening and fund arising.

Celebrity Fitness gave a closing performance to show that “belly dancing” is for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The event ended with 32 lucky draws where the top 2 prizes are 2 buffet lunches for 2 in the G-Hotel’s coffee house, compliments from G-Hotel.



It was a dream that came true on September 16, 2008 as we exceeded our target of raising RM50,000 for the Heart Patient’s Fund & Mended Hearts Penang Library! This charity concert held in concert held in conjunction with World Heart Day raised more than RM100,000!

The hall was filled with beautiful Chinese classical music by ProArt Chinese Orchestra featuring evergreen songs from the heydays of songbird Teresa Teng. The USM Tionghua Dance Group gave a jaw dropping modern fan dance performance. Ms Serene Yoon, a talented soloist & one of our greater supporters gave a beautiful rendition of “Wei Le Shui” (Because of Who). In line with the night’s theme, there was an appeal with the sale of beautiful handmade butterflies pencil decorations.

The organizing committee from the Heart Patient’s Fund & Mended Hearts Penang would like to thank all donors, sponsors & volunteers for their generosity & contributions.



Heart disease and stroke are the world’s largest killer, claiming 17.5 million lives every year. That’s why World Heart Day was created to increase public awareness of the risks and to promote preventive measures.

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities” is the theme for World Heart Day 2007. To kick off the event, we invited YB Ng Fook On, State Assemblymen of Batu Lancang to officially launch our Mended Hearts Penang, the first private support group for heart patients in the northern region. A total of 21 heart patients received their Cardiac Rehabilitation completion certificates; followed by 2 sharing sessions from 2 heart patients.

The main highlight of the day is the children’s heart logo coloring competition where 20 children from all walks of life colouring their “hearts “ away in the front foyer.

In line with the theme, a team from Leader Garden gave a rendition of their Tai Chi. The temperature went up 2 notches with the line dancing from 8 ladies complete in their kebayas and flowers in their hair! What a sight for sore eyes these elegant ladies from Sungai Dua!

Penang Kendo Club introduces us to the world of Japanese martial art and gave us a spectacular sparring performance in their full sparring gear!

Not to be outdone by our invited guests, our team from Physiotherapy department, headed by Raymond demonstrated how to use the fitness ball the “fun & vibrant” way.

To appease the hunger after all these vigorous activities, Helen, our senior dietitian shared with us how to make a healthy spread to complement our healthy bread!

On a serious note, we conducted health screenings for those people who would like to check their health status. Our heart–shaped balloons were a hit among the children! Proceeds from both the health screenings and balloons went to our Heart Patients funds.

The event ended with the announcement of the winners of our children’s heart logo colouring competition and a token for every budding artist!



A healthy heart is vital for living life to the fullest, regardless of age or gender! Penang Adventist Hospital celebrated World Heart Day on the 24th September 2006 by arranging an array of exciting activities for the old, young, “Mended Heart patients”, corporate, public and hospital staff.

The main attraction for the day was a mini walkathon fancy dress competition. There were more than 150 walkers with our CEO/President leading the “pack” in his fancy “cowboy” outfit and the little balloon “hearts” trailing along! The walkers looked very smart in their white T-shirts and red heart-shaped logo over their hearts. Our “Mended Hearts members” feedback that the walkathon was too short which showed how fit they are after their heart operations!

Our CEO gave a welcome speech followed by a Cardiac Rehabilitation Certificate presentation for 24 “Mended Hearts members” who completed the program. One member went on stage to share with us his post “Mended Heart” experience.

Fitness First gave two vigorous aerobic performances much to the delight of the audiences. Friends continued the euphoria with two fantabulous A cappella songs. Not to be outdone by the young ones, the Youth Park line dancing team raised the temperature two notches by two lively dances. The audience’s squeals of delight could even be heard in our wards on the second floor because the patients could be seen peeping out of the windows!

All these dancing sure makes one hungry, our chef, Peter Chan gave a cooking demo on “Hearty” healthy food with cold pressed grape seed oil!

Our Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) demonstration went down well with the members of the Persatuan Bomba Sukarela Paya Terubong who were very grateful that their team is now equipped with some CPR knowledge.

Kudos to Lim Mei Huey our emcee for the Walkathon, who articulated very well and made the event more meaningful.

To end the day, Dr Chang Sau Kong, our Consultant Cardiologist gave a Health Talk on “Supplements- what role does it play?” to a full lecture hall.



On November 6th 2005, Penang Adventist Hospital and one of our Mended Heart members cardiac rehab patient, Mr. Tan Lye Hoe organized a solo art exhibition. The exhibition entitled “I have a dream’ was an attempt of the Penang born artist Mr. Tan to raise and contribute some to the Penang Adventist Hospital Heart Patients fund. A total of 40 fine art pieces was on display at the gallery from November 6 to 19. The value of pieces on display totaled RM 150, 000and featured paintings of scenery, landscape, amongst other abstract features at the Galeri Seni Mutiara, Penang. “I thank God for giving me ability to paint,” said Mr. Tan in his opening address. “What better for me to use my talent for a worthy cause, particularly in helping the needy who require heart surgery?

“We are encouraged by Mr. Tan Lye Hoe’s selfless contribution towards the Fund. Understanding the true feeling of what it feels like to suffer from a heart problem”, shared our president and CEO of Penang Adventist Hospital. “Mr. Tan, while recuperating from a heart surgery had a newfound mission to do something special for others suffering from heart failure, and he chose the Penang Adventist Hospital Hearts Patient’s Fund.”

He added “William Arthur Ward once said, ‘if you can imagine it; you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it’. Truly, this event is not only a dream, but a reality.”


Our Vibrant Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation Center organized their first annual gathering on December 4th 2005 at one of the member’s residence. The event, which was a potluck lunch, brought 30 patients with their spouses and family members gathering and foster mingle together. The theme, ‘family potluck’ not only presents variety of food but also given chances for the patients to share their recipes with each other.

Madam Teh Gin Hong, the manager of Penang Adventist Hearts & Vascular Center gave her opening remarks, addressing her appreciation for the cardiac rehab patients who had made the event possible and for their continues participation in the centralized cardiac rehabilitation program. Attendees were well entertained with numbers of oldies by Mr. Chew and the videotaping by Mr. Koay. It was certainly a good kick-start for many more gathering to come for the Penang Adventist Hospital’ cardiac rehab patients.