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Medical Charity Fund

Penang Adventist Hospital has been actively involved in charity work since its inception in 1924. Through the hospital's development over the years, charity work has never stopped. Setting up the Cancer Fund in 2012 was just another step in the hospital's growing dedication to serving the less fortunate.

Medical Social Services

A Medical Social Officer’s job includes but is not limited to, interviewing, investigating, verifying and presenting charity cases to the Development Charity Fund Committee for approval.


Criteria for application:

  1. To apply for the Charity Fund, please proceed to the Medical Social Services Counter located at the hospital’s front lobby.
  2. Ask the Medical Social Officer for an application form (available in Bahasa Malaysia and English).

Information submitted by applicants of the Charity Fund are kept strictly confidential and eligibility will be determined by the Development Charity Fund Committee. The beneficiary will be informed once the decision has been made.

Application Forms

Download the form, print it out, fill it up and send it to us.