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Heart Patients' Fund


The Heart Patients' Fund was established in June 1988, to lessen the financial burdens faced by those who need to undergo heart surgery.

Since its early beginnings, the Fund's aim has been to provide partial or full financial support to those unable to meet the full cost of heart surgery.

How To Apply

The Heart Patients' Fund has been set up to assist those who really need financial assistance. Should you know of a dear friend or a loved one who is suffering from heart failure but simply cannot afford the full cost of surgery, tell them about the Heart Patients' Fund.

Funding from the Heart Patients' Fund can only be given to Malaysian adults and children. International children may apply for funding under the Gift of Life Programme.

Application forms for the Heart Patients' Fund can be obtained from Penang Adventist Hospital.

It is recommended that application forms be submitted at least one month prior to the surgery date so that ample time is given to the Medical Social Officers to review and investigate the applicant’s background. The Development Charity Fund Committee reserves the right to accept or reject applications.

Dissemination of Funds

Funds are given without any bias, but applicants must meet certain requirements in order to qualify. Amounts distributed for funding vary, based on the situation and need of each recipient.

To ensure that the fund is not misused or abused, background checks are carried out on each applicant by a hospital staff. Background checks are performed to carefully investigate and fully understand the needs of each applicant.

Applicants who provide false information to qualify for the Heart Patients' Fund will have their rights forfeited and lose all funding privileges and support.

International Children's Heart Patients' Fund

Going beyond borders to help others in need the Heart Patients' Fund set up a separate International Children's Heart Patients' Fund to assist international children unable to afford the full cost of surgery.

Since its inception in 1999, the Fund has benefited children from developing countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines under the Gift of Life Programme. Children who were otherwise deprived of a normal life are now healthy and normal, living lives they deserve. You can play your part and mend a heart today!