HEALING – Manage your health with expert diagnosis & treatment

  • Medical & clinical oncology
    • Cover the non-surgical aspects of oncology
    • Ionising radiation (radiotherapy)
    • Internal & external beam radiotherapy
    • Cytotoxic chemotherapy
  • Oncologic imaging
    • Retrieve radiology images to enhance oncologists’ understanding of the case they are treating
    • Computed Tomography (CT)
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    • Positron Emission Tomography & Computed Tomography (PET-CT)
  • Surgical oncology

    Heart Surgery
    • Focusses on surgical management of cancer
  • Clinical trials
    • Access to promising new treatment methods

CARING – Emotional & spiritual comfort in your time of need

  • Chaplaincy care, chemotherapy counselling, nutritional consultation


LIVING – The way you live determines your quality of life

  • Cancer education & awareness campaign
  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitative & psychological support services