Committed to enhancing patients’ quality of life, the AOC is well equipped with:

  • Clinical Oncology specialising in Radiotherapy
  • Medical Oncology from the NCCS to enhance the oncology programme
  • MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team)
  • PET-Scan
  • Chemotherapy administration day care facility
  • Comfortable recliner chairs
  • Conference rooms
  • Patient education area
  • “Wholistic” patient care

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)


Multi-disciplinary team care brings together a group of healthcare professionals with relevant specialities to look into the patient's treatment and care options:

  • Instead of having each specialist seeing the patient individually, they will work together to develop a comprehensive care plan
  • The team considers all medical, physical and supportive care needs, along with other factors that may affect the patient

The Benefits

This approach gives patient access to the right team of healthcare professionals. The team will work together to plan the most suitable cancer care option. This also allows them to review all the factors that may affect the treatment and help prevent unexpected problems.

Other benefits may include:

  • Reduce delays in treatment and referral to services
  • Less duplication of medical tests
  • Receiving appropriate and consistent information as the person providing it knows the team's treatment and care plan

With additional support from a dedicated team of experts at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), the AOC is able to provide the best possible evidence-based outcome for the patient.